Become A Distributor & Superstokiest at Nav Sankalp Agro Solutions Pvt.Ltd..

Documents Requirement

1. Gst Registration
2. Any License
3. Two copies blank cheque
4. Security Amount 25k
5. Pan card / Voter ID
6. Aadhar card
7. Photo two copies
8. Letter Head of Firm

1. For distributors- 50k to maximum (materials demand in circles arias )
2. For Supper stockists- 5 Lakh to maximum (materials demand in your distric circles arias)
3. For C&F – 10 Lakh to maximum (Materials demand in your state level circles arias )

Are you planning to start a distributor business in India but don’t know how to start? Then don’t worry, Navsankalp Agro Solutions Pvt.Ltd Gives a Opportunity on how to get a distributorship.

But before you start, get familiar with these terms like distributor, wholesaler, Superstockiest, etc.

Distributor: A distributor works as an agent between the manufacturer and the retailer by working as a supplier.

Wholesaler: A wholesaler is the second person who purchases directly from the manufacturer and sells it directly to consumers.

Superstockiest: A superstockiest works as an agent between the manufacturer and the distributor by working as a supplier on a very large scale and sells them to either wholesaler or distributor.