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Improve Plants growth, soil fertility & Aeration for better growth and development of root zone. Improve vegetative growth in plants, improves accumulation of carbonic matter in soil.

1.Best for controlling bacterial and virus borne diseases. 2.Animatop can be used to prevent modern bacterial diseases such as. Wilt, Leaf Blast, Black Arm disease, seeding blight, Bacterial Lead Blight, Citrus Cancer

It affect the nervous system. After Spraying of the Larve Leave the food and their digestive process is reduce significantly resulting in the death of the Sudin with in a short time. There is no adverse effects on the variety of its plant. For all types of stem bones and fruit borer.

It effects various stages of development of plants. Enhances germination and rooting. Stimulates vegetative growth and flower bud development. Accelerates pollen germination and tube growth thus improving flower fertilization and fruit set. Alleviates detrimental effect of stem. Improves health of crops. Improves quality, Increases yields and profits

The Nav Sankalp Shooter (Organic Pesticide) Is Made From A Botanical Extract (Herbal Extract) . It Has No Any Effect On Plant Quality. It Is A Human Environmentally Safe Medicine. It Can Be Used To Kill Thrips Mites On All Crops

It's affects the nervous system of Larvae after spraying the curries, the food leaves the food and their digestion process is reduce significantly resulting in the death of the needles within a short time. This causes no I'll effects on the plant variety, for all types of Snakebite and Panache. Highly effective, especially useful for Brinjan and cauliflower Crops.

This is a Mixture of 35% of nitrogen with vegetable proteins. Boom flowers are used as a pulsatile enhancer in plants. It prevents the falling of flowers in plants. It increase the number and volume of flowers. It can be used with insecticide and fungicides.

Heavy Duty Spray Pump : It is 12/12 Heavy Duty Spray Pump Multi-Purpose: sprayer for indoor and outdoor use. This sturdy sprayer is compatible with most commercial liquid fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides, herbicides & fungicides